Laptop Stickers

Sticker Mule have graciously offered to provide a number of stickers for Pygame Zero users for free.

Sticker Mule logo

Laptop stickers are a great way to encourage students to continue tinkering and learning, as well as spreading the word about Pygame Zero.

The stickers should look a little like this (not to scale):


For learners

Due to the costs of distribution, and because Pygame Zero is a free community library, we don’t have a way of getting stickers directly to you yet.

It may be possible to obtain stickers at conferences and meet-ups. Please check back soon.

For educators/meet-ups

We would like to distribute stickers primarily via educators and educational meet-ups. At this time it is not known how many stickers we will be able to distribute in this way (and it may be prohibitively expensive to ship them outside the UK).

Please fill out our Google Form to express your interest.

For developers

Free stickers are primarily intended for learners. However, if a pull request you make to Pygame Zero or a translation is accepted, we would be very happy to give you a free laptop sticker if the opportunity arises.

Please request a sticker in your Pull Request comments (or make yourself known at a conference/meet-up).

If you attend educational events or Python events regularly, and you would be willing to distribute stickers, this could also be useful. Please let us know.