Other libraries like Pygame Zero

Pygame Zero started a trend for Python “zero” libraries. Our friends have created these great libraries. Some of these can be combined with Pygame Zero!

Network Zero

Network Zero makes it simpler to have several machines or several processes on one machine discovering each other and talking across a network.


If you want to use Network Zero with Pygame Zero, make sure you don’t let it block (stop everything while waiting for messages). This will interrupt Pygame Zero so that it stops animating the screen or even responding to input. Always set the wait_for_s or wait_for_reply_s options to 0 seconds.

GUI Zero

GUI Zero is a library for creating Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) with windows, buttons, sliders, textboxes and so on.

Because GUI Zero and Pygame Zero both provide different approaches for drawing to the screen, they are not usable together.


GPIO Zero is a library for controlling devices connected to the General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins on a Raspberry Pi.

GPIO Zero generally runs in its own thread, meaning that it will usually work very well with Pygame Zero.


When copying GPIO Zero examples, do not copy the time.sleep() function calls or while True: loops, as these will stop Pygame Zero animating the screen or responding to input. Use Clock functions instead to call functions periodically, or the update() function to check a value every frame.


Adventurelib is a library for creating making text-based games easier to write (and which doesn’t do everything for you!).

Writing text-based games requires a very different set of skills to writing graphical games. Adventurelib is pitched at a slightly more advanced level of Python programmer than Pygame Zero.

Adventurelib cannot currently be combined with Pygame Zero.


Know of another library that belongs here?

Open an issue on the issue tracker to let us know!