Tutorials and Resources

Here are some tutorials and learning resources which use Pygame Zero.


  • Coding Games in Python (DK) - teaches programming in Python from scratch with Pygame Zero and bright, colourful illustrations.
  • Code the Classics (Raspberry Pi Press) - covers the history of classic computer games and explains how to make them with Pygame Zero.
  • Mission Python (No Starch Press) - takes you through the process of writing one larger game with Pygame Zero.

Online Tutorials


  • MagPi, the Raspberry Pi magazine, has covered Pygame Zero several times. MagPi is available in print but is also free to download online.
  • Wireframe, also from Raspberry Pi, and also free to download online, is a magazine focused on games, game development, and the game industry, and most issues contain Pygame Zero examples.

Video Tutorials

There are numerous Pygame Zero tutorial videos on YouTube; here are some:


  • Phidgets make a range of electronic devices - sensors, motors, input devices, and more - that connect to your computer over USB and can be used from Python programs. They have a range of Pygame Zero projects for you to try with Phidgets, and they offer a discount for educators.